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When the President cleaning utensils in the kitchen

  1. Barack Obama when he was president and he was cleaning utensils in the kitchen during his tenure he was trying to give the biggest message to the country people and specially to the men’s of the American society that it is very important to clean utensil while you are in a married life because if you do not do that and that is the most important part of the life and if you’re a man or a family father vs son of a family is not able to contribute in the family the whole world will go to the wife mother and daughter of the family and finally that preceded them and that Ham per their growth and progress in future.

  2. Barack Obama   was trying to give clear message to the youngster and every man of America that if you want to grow your community, country and people overall then it is very important for us to have our own responsibility  and do the stuff which are related to us because if in the house  utensils are and clean the whole cooking process of the house is disturb if the clothes are unclean if the house is Messi is the staff is not on the proper place then who is there to take care of that

  3. If there are 5 people in the family and everybody is just reading things and not doing there is possibility is that they are engaged in game their mobile or their own stuff but at the same time they want a clean house they want the food on the time they want everything must be neat and clean then who will do that because in American Society generally people are not available for the servant job so if there is no extra help for outside help than ladies as servants are not  coming and cleaning the house washing cooking then who is there for this  responsibility  it comes to the mother for that matter if every person of the family weather being a male or female .If they do their own stuff then the operation of the lady of the house reduced drastically and that’s the reason that President Obama wanted to spread this message to the youngster and every man of American society that it is extremely important to take care of your responsibilities at home

  4.  But in India it is still not possible or existing anywhere that men of the society a man of the family are taking care of their Responsibility in Indian society boys and mens are not supposed to go into kitchen and they are not supposed to take care of any cleaning or any arrangement of the house where which takes lot of time especially the mother in laws they prefer try not to engage their son in the household work because their indirect tactic is to make daughter-in-law’s more work and pressurized and engage whole day but That Kills the holy spirit of the world country because if women are engaged in the non productive work and all the time if they are busy in the cleaning washing and ironing the cloth and just doing the household work and trying to become the perfect servant of the house ultimately the contribution in economy me and productivity Academics or any other research which can actually lead the country to the top of the world will not be able to achieve

  5.  Contribution of the men’s in the family household work is must and desired otherwise the whole system of the house get disturb and the one community and female of the society will never be able to achieve any standard and better work if they are not been given proper time take care and even help to achieve their own goal that is the reason in India women are still on the back foot and most of the time the moment and girl is achieving 2125 age other parents are more interested to marry dam and finally after marriage the whole life goes into taking care of the family raising children and finally a woman is not able to perform any contributive and positive work in the society

  6.  if you want to grow this society equally in a better way than it is equally important for every man of the family or every son brother father and every man of the family that they have to contribute in the household work every single day work changing bedsheet changing Pillow Cover putting your shoes on the rack if there is a kitchen utensils immediately go and clean the utensil cleaning Broom in washing clothes preparing breakfast putting your stuff on the proper place and even help in the other member of the family to find out that it is not only the responsibility of a Lady of the house that she will take care of your socks shoes your pen or pencil and where you have left your tie and where is the court and shirt which you want to last year marriage and where is the winter outerwear who is washing the cloth and everything so these are the things which need to be taken care and that’s the reason that Obama when he is washing utensil even if working as the President of America is trying to give a message to the youngster and those boys who are in a relationship with the young girls that even if you are there in the home do your work this is your responsibility this is not responsibility of your ladies of the house and they are not your servants

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