By Dr. Anju Gurawa

The greater knowledge of humanity has come  is from books . Many people are not able to understand the deep significance of books but there are evidences those who devoted greater part of their life for  reading books they have got more then anybody else.As we know that Michael Faraday’s love for reading so that can inspire many. Faraday was so keen to read books that he has joined a book shop as book shop as book binder so he would be able to read those books and finally one book ‘The improvement of Mind’ changed his entire life and he proved himself the greatest scientific inventor of all time. A boy even without basic knowledge became great because of his association with books .Books can change anyone’s life . I have seen people have big houses great furniture but their minds are so disturb and I know one book change their life but the problem is these people are  not ready to listen anything even and not ready to read anything.

As Somerset Mugham said reading can bring you out from any misery of your life. Books are life changing. The power of reading can only be understood when some one sees readers as successful.

Dr Anju Gurawa a profound reader has listen almost more then 150 audio books she uses two very innovative terms that is audio cooking and audio driving  exclusively used by dr Anju Gurawa in audio form and she is very keen readers in Kindle as well as e books and hard and soft binding books.

She is interested in reading motivational books apart from that being a professor in English she has vast knowledge of her subject as well.

Time to time she keep on reviewing books in her blogs .Her blogs are full of  learning knowledge and inspiration .