Life Inspiring Stories

By Dr. Anju Gurawa

How vipassana changed me . 

*Peoples behaviour  is  not  surprising me anymore.

*If some thing goes wrong  it’s not strange .As if i am prepared for it.

*I see people as victims of their own circumstances not reaction against me 

*What anybody done to me  was the reflection of their own inflamtory  thoughts it’s not me who is the reason but it’s the fear of their own mind which is reflected in all.

I am regularly improving myself as I am learning new skills as learn typing 

I see people how they are 

I see people as their patterns 

I see people as they are set for  their habits

I educated a boy gave him education aand opend my heart before him buy that boy just rejected me 

This is learning as at this point I need to reorganise myself so well 

*I am not affected by the behaviours of others. 

*I am not disturb why some people behave I’m this way .

*I am strict I am discipline .

*I want to organise my mind for the best learning everyday so I do vipassana.

**Whether I like it or not I have to read practice for my typing .

**Now biggest lesson 

Do not advise any one when you are advising for education they have already pal Ned to quit this field.

Do vipassana