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Shocking deaths during Corona

This is a common understanding going on in Indian society that Karana is not a serious disease. maybe some medical people or some pharmaceutical industries are trying to make it more serious just to sell their products.

 but this Is not the case the debts which are coming in public and the death of those senior politicians and affluent peoples who can afford any kind of treatment related to this disease are dying surely not for lack of medication or care but may be due to the medical complications of their earlier physical conditions or Corona could be one of the main reason. but one thing can be said very clearly that this disease cannot be taken simple and it is better for common people to avoid marketplaces crowded and going anywhere they can put their life at risk.

 for children there is no question of taking them for market marriage shopping malls for any food restaurant. If parents think that they cannot stay at home and they need to go outside it is better for them to not to take children with them.

 this disease is infectious and it is actually serious. There are many people around me who are also told that those who are not taking it seriously are going to suffer heavily.

 India is the biggest populated country in the world and the density of the population is very high in Metropolitan cities especially certain areas in Delhi where population is dense and the social distancing is not possible and that is the reason that people are infected each other very easily without knowing it.

 treatment of the disease may be not very costly because I agree that is no treatment but the care and precaution becomes very  difficult for the families and apart from that the  fear which is being created by the disease is beyond any imagination

 it is better to take selfie caution keep social distancing, avoid crowded places stop shopping going to physically market taking children to the exposed areas and maintaining personal hygiene is the only way as the winter is approaching daily is highly polluted there are very many chances that could sustain mode and in fact more people.

 These are difficult Times and with self precaution and Community help and self assessment only this disease can be controlled, every life is precious and every person must be given proper care and treatment.

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