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She is widow but she is human

She is a widow but she is human

  • Past traces of Indian widows.

  • This fact can’t be denied that India had a long history of women exploitation and women suffered a lot due to this evil custom
    • Social bias towards Indian Widow 

    • Indian society is very unkind and bias towards the widow
  • There is deep polity behind keeping widows helpless

  • to understand the interest of patriarchy, wise to keep widow dependent
  • The patriarchal mind behind this exploitation of Widow

  • What a widow must do

  •  to be independent and fight back
  • Impact on children

  • demoralized and frustrated this is what society wants but their Mother is always there to help.
  • Fightback

  • the only way
  • History of the widow is  very  painful

  • but true
  • The recent scenario is hopeful

After marriage how much a man will live can’t be controlled by women. No wife wants that her husband dies this can’t be controlled by women of any age. But after marriage, if husband dies Indian society punishes wife every single minute without the fault of that lady.

Widows in Society 

We all know about the plight of widows and their explorations.  Mahatma Jyoti Ba Phuley and Savitri bai contributions for the uplifting widow during  British records of that time even.

There is one very interesting aspect is associated with this and that is internally  men wanted to keep these widows excluded from society so they can be exploited easily. That is why v very people forward to help a widow  in our society.

How does a widow feel helpless after the death of her husband?

There are a number of dehumanizing customs for a widow


  1. Widows are considered to be inauspicious and unlucky for the family and for her husband.
  2. She was bad so her impact came on her husband.
  3. The mother in law of a widow generally disowns the lady after her husband’s demise.
  4. Married women do not see their faces in the morning time.
  5. A widow is not called in the auspicious occasions like marriage and childbirth.
  6. The in-laws either exploited her sexually or disown her.
  7. There is no security in her life and for her children.
  8. No property shares in many cases her children are also taken away.
  9. Society wants to keep them unsafe and vulnerable so she becomes easy to target.
  10. She does not have any property rights.
  11. Society is cruel for her children.
  12. Generally, she is made dependent.
  13. No colorful dress is allowed for her.
  14. No jewelry, No festival, She can’t worship even in Temple


The situation of Widow is not still very good women suffering as a widow is continue and need to address this issue urgently.



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