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Rejection: How to Overcome

We have a notion about our self and our self-love is always more dominating in mind than anything else. But when people do not respect us the way we expect from them and this gives bitter feeling in our mind. This make us emotionally week and we feel as if this life is worthless.

The most important thing is how to overcome this feeling

Resect yourself.

What you have faced in life and what is your worth is understood by yourself. So if others are not giving you value it does not matter. Sit-down for a while think about all the best moments of life. Value self-things come and go  but your value is unparalleled. Michael Phelps who won 23 gold medals in swimming and till the time highest of all time read about him his struggle. We all have failure but success comes with lot of pain and suffering.
This pain and suffering is making you embraces the pain Buddha says.

Start Working on your strong points.

May be you always wanted to sing, your voice is very melodious people appreciate you but you never learnt it properly. Now this is the time to learn music or start anything. Take admission in university, go to law school,go to gym or whatever your choice is. Do it because you are in distress you will be learning it faster than anyone in normal circumstances.

Read about Ambedker, Gandhi, Zora NealeHurston, Maya Angelou, Operah Winfrey, Obama, Mandela


The power of mididation is only felt when it is done when   you learn it and start doing it and then there is no pleasure more powerful than meditation. The power is so significant that new age social media is full of it and simply uploading its videos people are earning millions of dollars.

This is the best feed to the mind lean it does it and master it and you are the master of your feelings. And those who are the master of emotions are ruler of world.


All the activity related to the emotional disturbance goes in mind and reading gives you instant shift of thoughts and change the chemical compositionof the brain so read if too much disturb  then read loud louder and loudest

Play, Exercise and Run

This immediate changes in the chemical composition of the brain and immediately shift the mood and thoughts. Even if ten minutes exercise and five minutes run can immediately shift mood your mind will be struggling with how fill lungs more with air and pump more blood in the heart then thinking about any unfaithful person in your life. Give this task to body very often till it gets habitual. After some time it will be difficult for you to feel depressed even if you try.

What is important in life is to overcome failure and how to build self. Millions of people are there to live mediocre life once you decide to   uplift yourself then do efforts in that directions and do it finally you are going to succeeded.

Those who try and strive get it. People have controls so much in life that success become their way of life that is why those who are rich and great achieve more those who are poor and needy remain so.

Try, try and try and never give up.

The one and only best friends of yours are

Your thoughts, patterns of habits, discipline, reading habits, work ethics, and what you do whole day.

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  1. Dr. L. Pushpa Kumar

    Dear Dr Anju, It is a timely article in the challenging times of lockdown. Appreciate it really. It is very lucid with good examples. Overcoming failure and rejection are the major challenges for many. It is important to teach the people, especially the children, on how to deal with failure than success. In this way, the person will become stronger and positive. I like your manta, “never give up”
    with best regards,
    Dr. L. Pushpa Kumar, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

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