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Oprah Winfrey

 the most powerful personality of TV show business and a self-made billionaire who has struggled from the beginning she has been a black African American women and who was the raped during her teenage who was miss treated by her mother’s boyfriend and who was physically assaulted by her cousins live even on the roots and cube and a story is very similar  Maria Campbell  but over a good emerge as the most powerful personality of 20th century she has become the symbol of women and a black woman and a subaltern women who can think of Beyond limitations just being staying with her boyfriend for more than thirty years but haven’t married his having a business is independent and strongly De she has actually done a lot of work which could change the life of millions of women across the world Oprah Winfrey as an inspiration if any time we get in life and we are able to see her videos as peaches and her activities and her watch your programs that would be life inspiring if young girls who are confused in not able to see what is their purpose of life just one interview of Opera can change their life SS it easy for us to associate with over because she is a woman and she is gone through all kind of problems which a woman is going through in her life rape subjugation and subordination and she fought with this mail  where she was developed as she was abused and she was thrown out from the job.

Whenever anybody is feeling disturbed and low the only remedy one can get is listen Oprah Winfrey speeches interviews and a talk show that can change the energy of the mind and immediately it can bring the hope and positivity in the life life brings so many challenges to us life is difficult life is unpredictable but if we keep on going and we learn from past mistake why we did that why this happened its sometime answers are not available but if we keep on doing positive things and the most important thing is keep negativity away from your life is better to be alone there is no wrong in staying alone but surround yourself with good audio books reading books good watch good programs and be positive every next day is full of hope and that is going to change your life is nothing problem if you have less resources if you are not able to do things properly that’s ok sometime it’s ok but always keep positivity and always keep that you are going to overcome this you are made to overcome this this is nothing problem.

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