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  • As we do never open the email with virus negative thoughts are dangerous virus they corrupt the whole brain system if we continuously download in our mind.
  • Everything that comes out of human stinks our saliva, sweat, excreta except so talk carefully.
  • Very small beginning can bring big results for example just start reading for 10 minutes daily you will find miracles happening in y our life
  • Its easy to deal children make them understand situation they will help you
  • Telling truth makes you less complicated so speak truth you will be less burdened.
  • Children sense elders mood as animals do, children understand nonverbal language as yours
  • facial expressions tone of voice and all other physical gestures more then what you do Watch body language more carefully.
  • Very change in habit lead to a big result
  • If you give your children value then success will come as a byproduct. We all need insecurity to grow.
  • What we say never understand human brain is constantly searching nonverbal evidence to believe.
  • No human think they did anything out of unreason. Its all best of idea when we are doing it.


Life Inspiring quote s by Dr Anju Gurawa

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  1. Rashmi Ralhan

    Dr. Anju Gurawa ma’am is an intellectual and a generous personality who always stand for others. She is a symbol of strength, courage, and hard work for me as well as for others. She is not only creative but also a multi talented person who is excellent in all the fields she engaged in so far. She is an inspirational woman from whom I have learned a lot.
    Thank you so much for all your support and love. Always, with you……. 🙂

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