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Gloria Steinem

She  has become a very popular feminist by her article published in 1986 New York and the title of the article was if man could men’struate.

 in this article she talks about the all the glory and beautification of menstruation if it is attached with the man if a man could menstruate than the whole concept of menstruation will come in the mainstream political debates, social media and academic discussions will be loaded if  man could menstruate.

 in this article with the most powerful vocabulary and the simplest expression is that at one point of time when a woman was on the stage and she got menstruation and the blood stain was on her clothes people started whispering and some unusual behaviour was displayed by the crowd with a lot of courage and conviction the woman said that menstruation is one of the only thing which is extremely positive and natural that time I realise that the value of power of positive thinking, she states that if it becomes a muscular event it becomes worthy and significant. The moment we attach it with the man young boys will be talking of manhood when they get menstruation .There will be a lot of gift exchange religious ceremonies family dinners and Staging parties would mark the day the national parties will try to  supplies with the state matter and it would be freely distributed on all the shops with glory  forever.

That will be a source associate Mohammad John when and during will get less discussion

  the debate due hours for our sport and gold medals. Lost of the time the discussions would be give blood take blood and we are giving blood to the nation so the debate will be his three pad man give five and some will say you look more man when you are having periods.

 National TV television and other social media will discuss the topic openly every news people will be running to publish the article new movies will be made new man on Red Fort in Blood Brothers.New medical schools will be open and this hospitals entry because they could find it at the sight of blood intellectual will write research paper on menstruation mathematical survey published on the menstruating men there will not be a shame attached to menstruation and men would perform this with the power and Glory.

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