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Frederick Douglass:  caste and slavery Subjugation to Freedom

The blacks of Africa who were treated as slaves for centuries finally decided to write their own history and in this process many number of slaves who wrote their own history.  The slave narrative is a life story of an individual day to day events and information which are doing share to the world riddles to let the people know what is happening in the life of a Slave as a community  and as an individual.

 The events in incidents which are happening in the life of a slave,  is it different with the male and female as through Harriet  Jacobs. As  we come to know that she hid  herself from the sexual attacks of her master and through Frederick Douglass we come to know that his benefit was to get freedom or by freedom for himself.

The Concept of freedom is different with male and females . As male can claim individual and self but for female as in the case of Harriet Jacob.  She has to buy freedom for the children and finally she couldn’t buy freedom for herself .

Arnold Van Gennep  (Book The Rites of Passage 1960, trans. Monika B. Vizedom and Gabriella L  Caffee. U. of Chicago P. )

Give three stages of life of a slave

  1. Separation
  2. Transition
  3. Incorporation

The last two stages of life of a Slave is most significant as in transition slave as an individual Learns to identify and signify life of his and her on an incorporation which is the third stage finally takes to the slave to create an environment in which he and she can force the other community to incorporate him and herself.

 Through the reading of Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass  which was published in 1845 give significance detail of his life in which every single day events for example getting up early at 4 a.m. and going for the work listening all the film the abuses of overseer.

 the description of the overseer was very pertinent because it was clear enough that a one human being can be so abusive to another just because of the skin colour.

 all the ethics morality and humanity disappeared when an overseer was abusing and dehumanizing the life of a Slave.  the Description of the life of slave is so painful and Disturbing that it reaches millions of questions in the minds of The Reader about the white skin and the double standard of the white man’s burden theory.

 What is the reason set operations throughout the history tried to narrate their own life events this is visible in the literature,  African slave narratives,  women writings,  marginalized representation,  and any community and Society which is not been given due respect dignity and share in the society and culture.

 The very significant aspect which was associated with the slave narrative was the freedom from physical and mental slavery.  Why this is so significant to get the freedom from mental slavery?

Number of instances can be found in the history of humankind in which the slaves and the subjugated denied the freedom and prefer to be the slave and subjugated to the master due to the mental slavery and the practice and the routine which has been fixed in the mind to be safe in sound in the slavery which is been historically made the pattern of their mental awareness.

 when we talk about slavery there are most traumatized Migration of human kind ever happened in the history and that this slave migration.  49% pleasure migrated to South America 42% to Caribbean 7% slaves were migrated to North America and that is the reason we find that most of the slaves were migrated to South America finally started there claim on their own life and freedom.

 The concept of separation is very significant in the narrative of life of Frederick Douglass and Frederick says that he was separated from his mother before the age of 1 and this was a common phenomena in the life of slave children that they were separated from their mothers from the very early age before the developed consciousness and attachment with the mother child Bond.  This  separation ultimately makes the slavery Run in a more smoother way because there could not be any bond between the mother in child and that lead to the fragmented slaves individuals and they could never United and fight against oppressors.

As in the case of India true delete writings and through the worldwide women writings why this is so significant for the oppressed to express the life and narratives there are numerous examples when we find it is more significant for an operation to express and show before the world what pain in leg knee they have gone through.  Black lives matters,  Dalit lives matters , Women lives matt ers , Children’s lives matters.

Every life of a pressed goes through three stages



Claim of one’s own life .

 In Indian context this is quite evident that  Dalit and women were subjugated by Brahmanical system  and true religion most of the theories were generated to subjugate dalit women and to take the advantage of the labour most of the justifications either  through religious institutions or cultural means  penetrated  In mines of operation so that the labour and hard work of the down trade and can be used in the favour of privileged and chosen few.

 Despite  educational empowerment and other economic upward movement Dalits and marginalised are still in the clutches of Brahminical system and that is the reason they are not able to come out of the ritual and religious clutches of the grammatical system and claim the complete Liberty.

 For example  marriages and naming of the children is still solely dependent on the rituals performed by the Brahmin.

 Temple Priest and religious authorities declared the full year calendar of marriage ceremony and all other kind of auspicious ritualistic performance throughout the year.  many more Indians who still believe that they are facing through any problem and if they visit any religious authority they might get the solution.  Superstition  biggest modern reality of Indian social system still in the metropolitan cities every single day on the crossroad  many more black magic stuffs are being located and the concept behind this is to take out bad spirit and bad Omen from the life of people.

 Indian social system the significance of the Pandit and the religious Hindu authority is so significant that people cannot imagine their life without these propagandist Brahminical priest.

 Doctor Babasaheb Ambedkar Has extensively written against the religious authorities and their manipulative that is true temple and cultural ritualistic performances and that is the reason Ambedkar went into deep to study relation and explode it bit by bit to make awareness in the people of India.

 This article is being written in the December 2020  but this is extremely evident in the Indian Lifestyle that every single day millions of Pandit and religious feeds perform black magic rituals and make those innocent and subjugated the target to keep the mental slave and earn money from the subjugated in different communities.

Comparison between caste system and slavery goes hand in hand as the main focus of the oppressor is to take the advantage of the labour of subjugated is there are more in number and cheap as  Workforce and subjugated true mental blockage.

 Extensive study to Ambedkar  can answer all the queries and Solutions towards the freedom of religious authorities and cultural religious ritual subjugation which has been the main reason behind the slavery and caste system.

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