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Conversion to Buddhism by DoctorAmbedkar 6 December

Conversion to Buddhism by Doctor Ambedkar 6 December 

 Before  3 months of his  death Baba  Ambedkar Converted to Buddhism as he was born as a Hindu untouchable from Mahar community of Maharashtra and throughout life he was discriminated ,abuse and treated as untouchable by upper caste Hindu. Everyday behaviour left Ambedkar with lot of pain and suffering and finally he started to seriously think about conversion.

 reading of Ambedkar you will always find that first of all he chose to treat very deep in the religious text of Hinduism which were talking about caste. Babasaheb Ambedkar tried to understand the logic and sanctity given by the religious text to carry forward this discriminatory institution in the common people there are numerous examples we can find till now in 2020 that if you go to Haryana or any other place and when you question the practice of caste and untouchability in the local village community and people have a very subtle and a confident logical answer that this is all written in the shastras or religious sacred text and we are simply practicing which is being said by our forefathers.

 so whatever stated by forefathers carried the sanctity and legitimacy to discriminate certain community on the basis of their Birth which is a birth based blot as Ambedkar called the discriminatory institution caste is.

 why the upper caste of India are more interested to carry forward this cast Institution and to keep it in the same format as a started centuries before because if they believe in this hierarchy of discrimination and untouchable community then this serve their purpose of economy, polity,  society and other resources which comes freely from this untouchable communities.

 This institution is based on the hierarchical upper and lower Strata of the society where certain communities on the basis of their birth the claim to be pure and higher and the deserve the old kind of services from the lower community which are called as untouchables and Bahujan Shudra, and they are more in numbers.

  Critical social and economic Institutions and a majority of the population of the country is being kept as dependent and labour it becomes very easy for choosing few to use them as a resource as a manual labour to get their work done it is very easy to understand that from where the food comes who is toiling in the fields who is cleaning the roads  ,

 The majority of the students were studying in Government schools and the population which is working in the fields as a labourer, rickshaw puller, manual labour, mining labourers housemaids in all unskilled labour and unorganised sector is filled by these majority of population which are economically socially political e resources.

 How to give a courage and confidence to a common person who comes from the Dalit and untouchable community in the Muslim tribal minority or any other community which doesn’t wear any kind of purity and high caste background the basic answer comes from the rejection of those religious text which sanctify the notion of cast as a higher and lower

 Babasaheb Ambedkar was very clear in his vision that until and unless the ultimate weapon and  alternate solution is given to the majority of the people nation which is suffering from this religious Bond and religious immobility in which they are not able to claim that they belong to some other relation rather than Hindu and that is why with lot of study and worldwide understanding he chose to convert as Buddhism is considered to be one of the most scientific philosophy and thinking and there are many other reasons she kept in mind and finally he chose to convert and that is the reason that today’s dalits untouchable Bahujan and women of all communities they have alternate to go beyond the territory of Hinduism and claim themselves but this would answer the logic  that when you go to Haryana village and ask any person that why you follow untouchability the person who come from the lower Strata can actually reply that that as I belong to this Buddhism I follow Buddha I am not a Hindu so you can not practice your untouchability on me you can only follow untouchability on me if I am Hindu when I am not Hindu I do not fall into that category where you got call me upper or lower caste.

Today is 6th December and this is known as Mahaparinirvan Diwas of Babasaheb Ambedkar and Ambedkar has given vision and outward mobility to Bahujan, minority and all the deprived communities of India and it has given right sense of self respect and dignity to untouchable ATI Shudra and women of all communities.

 when we Talk about the question of marginal ATI  shudra and the issue comes of the population which has been kept at margin in every front of growth and progress of and distribution of resources of the country that Ambedkar becomes the centre  figure who liberate the spirit and dignity of  deprived and dalits.

 This day Mark very special and it gives the sense of Liberation in all Ambedkarites and those who do not believe in  any kind of discrimination existing in this world in any country space form for example the Northeastern communities of India are being excluded targeted and exploited for their rich resources. Northeastern society is so common and important that it has become the everyday matter where a woman who is cooking or cleaning or taking care of children in the home is equally concerned and managing the issues which are emerging as the militants or the military is entering in the house for the violence is being take in every single day affair.

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