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5. Reasons why online exam in DU (Delhi University) must not be conducted

1. Students are going through mental stress and dilemma.

The authorities are behaving in a very irresponsible manner students are out of proper information this is creating immense stress in the minds of students. Those who belong to remote areas and come from deprived backgrounds. This is insensitive and inhuman behavior of those who control the system. The confusing information and delayed information’s are making students more prone to distress.



2. No guarantee for the best internet connections.

This is not something new that the internet is a serious problem in Delhi University. When university can’t ensure the uninterrupted supply to the staff and professors which is in Delhi then how can we believe that remotest areas are so efficient about internet connection it will take many years to make India great connected so without this and forcing students for two to three hours exam without any disturbance is impossible to imagine. Our biggest problem is net connections even if best and willing students can’t do anything if the system runs out of internet connectivity. Can the university ensure that all students will give exams efficiently?

3. What about poor and needy students.

India is a country of poor. The majority of these poor directly belong to Dalit marginalized women and physically disabled sections. Just for examples survey of all the slums and poor locality the population which stays there is Dalit’s, Muslims poor, diseased, deprived, prostitutes and transgender where the basic needs of life are not fulfilled for example clean water sanitation hospitals and even schools in such conditions how can the university ensure that its students ate not coming from these areas and it will not be an injustice to them who are coming from the deprived background.


4. Girls’ students are more affected.

As in India patriarchy is dominant and male hire is given more value over girls so through social-economic cultural-religious resources wise boys are always in an advantageous position. Boys have more resources more information’s availability of everything and the growth of the future. Delhi University can’t insure that all girls students who are from Noncollegiate (Non-Collage Women Education Board Delhi University). Those women students from Dalit, Muslims, physically handicapped, and areas like North East remote villages of Himachal, South, and all over India.

This is going to be serious discrimination for those girls students who think there is hope to make future decisions of University is going to kill dreams of many girls students and most parents do not prefer to send girls students for higher studies.

5. Who will ensure transparency?

Who will insure how the exam is conducted? Surety of no cheating, who will ensure this? There was no proxy done. All was fare. There could be mall practices and many things can go wrong as the material which was uploaded was not copy-pasted. Actually, how it would be ensured that it was given by student self and no help taken, there are millions of questions for which Delhi University is answerless what about practical?  Exam how science practical will be conducted if not them want id the mechanism what if students hire some professional and what if it is done through professionals.

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